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There’s no particular formula to ranking well on Google’s first page. Google loves websites with quality content pretty much developed with relevant keywords. Knowingly or unknowingly placing a keyword or keywords within your content will definitely hurt your google rankings! Our SEO packages will however, address these needs and we know how to optimize your pages to be google-crawler friendly! We’ll first off, analyze ALL your keywords and remove the ones that don’t have relevance.
What if your ranking has dropped recently? You might be asking, “What happened?” The fact of the matter is ranking changes as often as possible. However, if there is a huge drop from your previous position, is because there is a tremendous competition under specific search terms (long-tail and/or short-tail keywords), google penalties, website not mobile -friendly or optimized, horrible back links and spammy contents.

We’ve seen some trying to get lots of lots of links to desperately rank, but then get disappointed! The reason to this is that google only recognize the quality or qualities of your backlinks and not the number! It’s always wise to obtain links from authoritative websites in your industry to show that you’re a legitimate, reliable and reputable company to do business with.
Ranking locally should be your 1st priority in SEO services. You must make sure that you have a local presence by setting up a google my business account page, then getting found in local citations like yelp, trip advisor, yellow pages, etc. These local citation listings help meet your local SEO needs!

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